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Binh Minh Forklift Company, the leading forklift distributor in Vietnam market; is the sole authorized representative of Heli forklift distribution. The brand is among the top 6 forklift manufacturers in the world with outstanding quality and sales service.

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Anhui Heli Co., Ltd which is a state-owned company was established in 1958. Anhui Heli started to convert the shareholding systerm in 1993 and was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange with code 600761 in 1996. Capital Registered charter of Anhui Heli is 4.28 billion RMB.

Anhui Heli is mainly engaged in the R&D and production of industrial vehicles, construction machinery and equipment, and main equipment of Heli is lifting machinery - Heli forklifts.

After continuously investing and innovating, Anhui Heli has become the No. 1 enterprise in the forklift in China from 1990 to present. Currently, Anhui Heli has the main R&D, production and export department of the largest forklifts, the most complete technological lines, the largest comprehensive and economic performance in China.

Heli Forklift – The best Forklift in China

With a long history and the application of scientific achievements to production, Heli Forklift is among the TOP7 forklift manufacturers in the world and also the TOP1 forklift manufacturer in China for 30 consecutive years (as of 2020). Heli’s products are highly valued by users all over the world for: Quality, reliability and prompt after-sales service.

Anhui Heli's factory

Anhui Heli's factory

Heli Forklift - History of formation and development

1958: Established the Heli’s factory

1964: Producting a Heli Diesel Forklift which was the first diesel forklift in China.

1985: Producting the Heli first Electric Forklift in China.

1991: Heli forklift reached TOP 1 in the forklift manufacturing industry in China

2006: Heli forklift reached TOP 8 in the forklift manufacturing industry in the world.

2015: 25 consecutive years reaching TOP 1 in the forklift manufacturing industry in China

2020: 30 consecutive years reaching TOP 1 in the forklift manufacturing industry in China

Heli Forklift - Variety of configurations

With a system of professional factories and constantly improving, Heli Forklift is trusted in more than 150 countries around the world, including fastidious markets such as Europe, North America, ...

Heli’s products range from diesel forklifts, electric forklifts and gas forklifts to advanced automatic driving forklifts; with over 120 attachments such as: hinged forks, push puller, cotton clamps, paper clamps ...

Heli Diesel Forklift

Diesel forklift with lifting capacity from 1 - 46 tons, various configurations, options to suit the requirements of all types of industries.

Diesel Heli Forklift - Động cơ ISUZU JAPAN Engine

Diesel Heli Forklift - ISUZU JAPAN Engine

Diesel Heli Forklift - XINCHAI CHINA Engine

Diesel Heli Forklift - XINCHAI CHINA Engine

Heli Gas Forklift

Heli gas forklift is equipped with a Japanese NISSAN engine that operates enduringly, saves fuel, minimizes emissions, and low noise, so it is often used in factories with high emissions requirements. , the working noise is high and continuous

xe nâng xăng gas heli

Heli Gas Forklift

Heli Electronic Forklift

Heli electric forklift has the advantage of emission, low noise, energy saving, so it is often used in factories which product electronic components, food and beverage production. Provide a full range of models and load capacity: Lithium forklift, Stacker forklift, reach truck, mini electric forklift,…

Heli Electric Forklift

Address of supplying reputable Heli Forklifts

Binh Minh Forklift Co., Ltd, the leading forklift distributor in Vietnam market, is the sole authorized representative of Heli forklift distribution. With the view of unceasing efforts and continuous development, Binh Minh has been investing in basic steps and upgrading its points of sale into professional distribution centers, aiming to become an essential supplier. being lifted down first.

Warranty policy when buying forklifts in Binh Minh

Warranty “12 months or 2000 working hours” for the damage caused by the fault of the manufacturer . Customers are entitled to replacement parts and free repair during the warranty period that Binh Minh commitment to customers

In addition, the warranty period , the engineers and technical staff of Binh Minh will take care of the machine periodically to 03 times (free of charge) to ensure that customer equipment operation in the best condition


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